Viewpoint Integrations

Viewpoint Vista Forecasting Project

A major commercial construction company in California faced challenges with their manual forecasting processes for costs and revenue in support of their Viewpoint Vista WIP reports. Collaboration among executives and the time-consuming nature of the monthly forecasting were issues. There were also concerns about forecast accuracy. To address these challenges, Nobious developed a custom web-based app that tightly integrated with their Viewpoint Vista ERP system. This app reconciled with the job cost module and WIP reports, simplifying data collection from project and executive teams. The solution automated forecasting calculations and generated reports using Microsoft Power BI. As a result, the company now has professional-looking forecasts that facilitate cash flow and key metric analysis for the next 24 months. The company’s forecasting process is now highly efficient, accurate, and modern thanks to this integrated tool, improving overall operational efficiency.  

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Viewpoint Vista Inventory Scanning

A major Illinois-based construction company specializing in bridge projects was grappling with the management of parts for over 1,000 equipment pieces across multiple warehouses. Their manual, spreadsheet-based tracking system and the direct expensing of parts to equipment created inefficiencies. The company relied on Viewpoint Vista and their ERP system, which lacked comprehensive inventory management features, causing operational difficulties, particularly with large part volumes. In response, the company turned to Nobious Business Automation for a solution. Nobious introduced a tightly integrated inventory management system that incorporated barcode scanning technology. This system streamlined inventory reception and location tracking, providing real-time insights into stock levels. Additionally, a user-friendly kiosk was established for employees to quickly locate and check part availability. Nobious also optimized the company’s accounting processes to align them with efficient inventory management practices. The result is a highly organized and automated warehouse, enhancing the ease of locating and utilizing parts, ultimately improving operational efficiency and accuracy.  

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Data Consolidation Integrations With Viewpoint Vista

Our client, a large concrete remix company based in Central Iowa with numerous locations across the greater Midwest, faced challenges in generating and maintaining reports from their Viewpoint Vista database. The existing reporting process was time-consuming, costly, and increasingly difficult to manage. To address these issues and streamline their reporting and data management, they turned to Nobious for a solution. Nobious developed a centralized data reporting warehouse that consolidates Viewpoint Vista data into a separate database on a nightly basis. This warehouse optimized the data for reporting and other business intelligence needs. In addition, Nobious introduced Microsoft Power BI solutions to enhance the company’s report creation capabilities, making it easier to generate reports. The data within the warehouse was tailored for the company’s dashboards and external system integrations, including third-party cloud providers. A comprehensive data dictionary was provided, empowering the company to understand its data and create reports independently when necessary. As a result, the company can now rapidly develop

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Employee Training Tracking With Viewpoint Vista

Our client, a prominent concrete construction company specializing in multi-level building projects in the Chicago area, faced challenges in monitoring employee safety training using Viewpoint Vista’s existing VU.1 tools. Their previous solution relied heavily on manual data entry, making it difficult to verify employee attendance at safety training sessions—a crucial requirement to meet OSHA safety standards. They sought a more efficient solution to automatically track safety training within their organization and turned to Nobious for assistance. Nobious proposed a solution that leveraged SMS texting technology to send attendance lists to crew members’ personal phones, allowing them to check in at safety training events. This approach eliminated the need for crew members to have usernames and passwords, instead using custom URLs sent to their phones for recognition. The solution not only tracked attendance but also managed training materials, including reading materials and videos. Crew members could conveniently watch training videos on their personal devices and take quizzes to confirm their comprehension.

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Inventory Management Project With Viewpoint Spectrum

Nobious assisted a marble and tile company based near Seattle, Washington, in overcoming its inventory tracking challenges. The client specialized in marble projects for both residential and commercial buildings across the state of Washington and were struggling with efficiently managing thousands of slabs in their warehouse. Not only did this make it difficult to keep track of quantities, monitor usage, and bill customers accurately, but it also hindered their ability to locate slabs and manage deliveries effectively. To address these issues, the client turned to Nobious which helped them develop a robust inventory management system that is tightly integrated with Viewpoint Spectrum. This system enabled the seamless tracking of inventory from its arrival in the warehouse, through the manufacturing processes, and all the way to the job site via the use of barcode scanning technology. Furthermore, the system also facilitated the automation of activities within the fabrication department, enabling quick and accurate location and consumption of slabs for ongoing projects

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Our client was using Viewpoint’s Field Time application to track their employees’ time.  Not only did their users not enjoy using Field Time, but it will no longer be supported after December 2022.  Nobious worked to develop the commercial Construction Management and Design-Build firm from Florida a customized time tracking solution designed to work the way their team works.  The solution focused on mobile convenience for field team members while also providing a wide range of Administrative capabilities for the office.   It was built on top of Viewpoint Vista, so no separate sync is needed.



Our client’s parts and project teams produced large purchase orders on a daily basis in order to procure product for inventory and jobs. These processes required significant data entry and were sometimes error prone. Nobious worked with the team to create a web-based version of their ERP purchase order form. We also created a custom mobile application that was installed on smart barcode scanners so product could be added to an order by scanning a company barcode, distributor code, or manufacturer’s UPC code. The system is integrated tightly with their ERP system and data is synced automatically. Now, any authorized user can effienctly create a PO without the need to have access to, or a license for, the company’s ERP system.



Our client’s parts department needed a way for employees to quickly enter work orders and order parts. Their ERP system (Viewpoint) required an expensive new subscription in order to give access to their mechanics, technicians and other members of the field team. Instead of paying these high fees forever, they decided to build a solution themselves. They engaged Nobious, and we built a custom web and mobile based add-on that tightly integrated with their ERP system. Now, mechanics can order parts using their phone from the site of the break down, warehouse teams can scan any barcode, and they have no monthly fees since they own the software.


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