Custom Software for the Construction and Manufacturing Industries

We Help Businesses Innovate and Grow

We help our clients save time and money by automating repetitive tasks, enhancing or adding software features, integrating existing systems, and fully optimizing their business processes.


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Custom Software Solutions As Unique As Your Business

At Nobious we understand that no two companies operate the exact same way. Your business processes are your identity, your fingerprint. Your software should be just as unique as your business.

Often times, subscription-based software is unable to support your specific internal processes. While advertised as ready to use, they have an excess of features you will never need, while still missing important capabilities necessary for your business to thrive. Implementation is often complicated and can be costly.

Our custom systems are better because they are complete solutions that are designed for you, ready to use, and have a much lower cost of ownership over time.

Custom Ad-Ons and Integrations for

Construction and Manufacturing

Custom features that integrate seamlessly with your existing ERP system.

  • Inventory Management
  • Smart Barcoding 
  • Crew & Mechanic Time Tracking
  • Equipment Tracking
  • Consumables Tracking
  • Automated Invoicing
  • Comprehensive Reporting with Dynamic Dashboards
  • HR & Finance
  • Your Unique Processes 

integration and automation experts

We get it. Many software systems do not communicate well, making your job more difficult. This doesn't mean buying a new software package needs to be the answer. Our custom integration solutions deliver multi-directional data transfer across all your platforms, including your ERP.

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True Integration

Many companies say Integration, but don't really mean it.  At Nobious we take integration VERY seriously. From a true integration partner like us, you can expect real-time data across all systems, elimination of duplicate entries, and no uploading or downloading of spreadsheets.

Nearly a Decade Building Custom Software

We specialize in custom software solutions in the following industries:


heavy highway

Commercial Concrete


"Nobious has become a very valuable partner for us. We consider them an extension of our team. A lot of the work we’ve done in the last year definitely couldn’t have been done without Nobious’ help. We rely on them. They have gone out of their way to understand our business and that’s what’s made the difference working with them compared to other vendors."

BRIDGER, Chief Technology Officer, Manatt's


"I would highly recommend this group to anyone looking to customize their company software. Nobious did exactly what they promised our business, we will use them again."

ANDREW, Owner, West-Can Seal Coating

"Nobious researched our barcoding issues and found the best solution to integrate with our existing programs. The goal was to increase accuracy in our inventory system and to save our employees time, allowing them to do other things that have been pushed to the side. Nobious not only delivered a great proof of concept, but also added steps to simplify our processes further.”

KARIN, Project Manager, Manatt's


Benefits of Custom Software

  • Savings

    Custom software rewards you with significantly lower total cost of ownership over time. Typically our clients see returns in 3 years from their custom solutions. Strategic companies do not lease, they buy and own. 

  • Ownership

    Owning your own software offers many advantages, including fully customizable features to fit your changing needs, the ability to scale up with your growing business, and real-time direct integrations to any other software you purchase for your business needs.

  • Effectiveness

    Cookie cutter pre-built software is designed to be efficient for the greatest number of companies. That doesn't mean it's the most efficient software for your company. Custom software provides you with all the features you need, none that you don't, and those features are designed specifically for your team.

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Total Cost of Ownership

Licensed software is expensive. Cost of ownership for custom and licensed solutions will vary, but our clients typically see a return after 3 years.

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