Nobious Change Management Policy

Nobious values long term, trusting relationships.  Meeting your expectations is very important to us to ensure our relationship is long-lasting.  Therefore, we do our best to thoroughly analyze your project at the very beginning and fully identify your needs as much as possible.  Projects that end on time and budget make everyone happy, especially your Nobious team.  However, change does sometimes happen.  Therefore, we have developed a change management process to ensure related communications are properly managed and surprises do not happen.   Details of that process are as follows:

The change management process begins when any significant change to the scope, deliverables, or other provision of the project Statement of Work (SOW) is necessary, after the SOW has been signed.

Examples of out-of-scope activities that would always require a change request include (but are not limited to):

  • Work specific to the implementation of completed software not covered under the SOW.
  • Design or development of data interfaces or the manipulation of data other than that listed in the SOW.
  • Training services, unless specifically included in the SOW.
  • Project management support, unless specifically included in the SOW.
  • Additional work caused by failure of Customer to clearly state understandings with respect to the deliverables.
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT) support. All UAT will be done by Customer.
  • Creation of UAT and Production Data

If any change to a SOW is required, it will be performed using the procedure described below:

  1. The Customer or Nobious may initiate a change request. This may occur via email or verbal discussions between the Nobious project lead and the Customer project manager and may be followed by further discussion to clarify the request.
  2. Nobious will then complete the Change Order Form (SOW Exhibit A), and the Nobious project lead will forward the Change Order Form to the Nobious project team for review. Nobious will also be responsible for logging and tracking Change Order Forms.
  3. After review by the Nobious project team, and before performing any work, the Nobious representative will submit the written results to the Customer. This will include any impact on cost, schedule, performance, and a recommended method for implementation, testing, and acceptance by the Customer. Larger changes may require a separate SOW. Alternatives to the change could also be provided by Nobious at this time.
  4. The Nobious project lead and the Customer project manager will review all necessary information and make the final decision on whether the change will be implemented. If Nobious and the Customer agree to the impact that the change will have on the project, it will be signed by both parties, and Nobious will proceed to schedule the change.
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