Time Tracking

Customized time tracking solutions optimized for mobile devices, allowing employees to track their time while automating manager's approvals.

Crew, Mechanics & Equipment

Track production and work time for crew members, vehicle service time for mechanics, and equipment use by crew member more efficiently than ever before.

Highly Customized Experience

Time tracking processes designed specifically for the construction and manufacturing industries. Built to support your company's unique needs.

Mobile Optimized

Use your mobile device to automate time entries for your employees on the floor or in the field. Customizations available to incorporate geofencing or geolocation. Automate clock-ins by scanning QR codes that represent jobs, machinery, and services.

ERP Integration

Don't be fooled by fake integration, such as exporting and importing. Our solutions work directly with your payroll software as if they were one system. 

Simplified Approvals

The key to an efficient approval process is the availability of all necessary information in one location. Our solutions provide your managers with everything they need to review, comment, and approve their employees' time all on one screen.

Error and Dispute Resolution

Our systems provide solutions for many exception processes, such as missed clock ins/outs, corrections, and employee disputes. Automated notifications alert employees and managers of errors and corrections to keep your foremen's mind on the job instead of data entry. 

Automated Inputs

Software doesn't add value unless it's easy to use, and it’s not easy to use if it's difficult to enter data. Our solutions find ways to automate the input of time data in many ways, such as the use of QR codes, GPS tracking, geolocation, and artificial intelligence.

Union & Regulatory Support

Compliance processes can be burdensome and time consuming. In some cases, they may be impossible without automation. Our time tracking solutions have been used to validate compliance for many regulatory requirements in North America and Canada, such as multi-state or region overtime calculations, labor union rules by project, and environmental obligations.

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