Inventory Management

Built Specifically for Your Needs

Manage Stocked Inventory

Set up alerts for scheduled inventory count verification. Minimal to no manual entry needed during manual count process. Automated 'Low Stock' alerts and easy re-ordering.

Location & Relocation

Easily see where items are stored (ie: Warehouse, Row, Pallet/Shelf). Easily relocate by scanning the item/pallet, the source, and then destination. A quick location scan shows all materials in that location.

Smart Barcoding

Easily scan linear or QR codes with a smart scanner, tablet, or mobile phone. Use manufacturer, UPC or custom barcodes.

Track Incoming Orders

Know what's on backorder, verify what was actually received in new orders, and track outstanding orders.

User Management

Assign different levels of user access. Give users outside of accounting safe access to purchase order and work order processes.

ERP Integration

Input and view information directly within your ERP system.  Inventory data is stored directly to your ERP so quantities are always real-time and up-to-date.

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