Employee Training Tracking With Viewpoint Vista

Our client, a prominent concrete construction company specializing in multi-level building projects in the Chicago area, faced challenges in monitoring employee safety training using Viewpoint Vista's existing VU.1 tools. Their previous solution relied heavily on manual data entry, making it difficult to verify employee attendance at safety training sessions—a crucial requirement to meet OSHA safety standards. They sought a more efficient solution to automatically track safety training within their organization and turned to Nobious for assistance. Nobious proposed a solution that leveraged SMS texting technology to send attendance lists to crew members' personal phones, allowing them to check in at safety training events. This approach eliminated the need for crew members to have usernames and passwords, instead using custom URLs sent to their phones for recognition. The solution not only tracked attendance but also managed training materials, including reading materials and videos. Crew members could conveniently watch training videos on their personal devices and take quizzes to confirm their comprehension. Credits were granted only upon successful quiz completion. The implemented system provided an exceptionally efficient safety training tracking tool, meeting all regulatory requirements. It seamlessly integrates with Viewpoint Vista and Viewpoint One products, ensuring data availability within both the safety training tool and the construction management software. As a result, the company now has an easy-to-use, compliant safety training tracking system, enhancing their ability to respond to regulatory audits efficiently. This solution has significantly improved their overall safety training process, leaving the company highly satisfied with the results.

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