Inventory Management Project With Viewpoint Spectrum

Nobious assisted a marble and tile company based near Seattle, Washington, in overcoming its inventory tracking challenges. The client specialized in marble projects for both residential and commercial buildings across the state of Washington and were struggling with efficiently managing thousands of slabs in their warehouse. Not only did this make it difficult to keep track of quantities, monitor usage, and bill customers accurately, but it also hindered their ability to locate slabs and manage deliveries effectively. To address these issues, the client turned to Nobious which helped them develop a robust inventory management system that is tightly integrated with Viewpoint Spectrum. This system enabled the seamless tracking of inventory from its arrival in the warehouse, through the manufacturing processes, and all the way to the job site via the use of barcode scanning technology. Furthermore, the system also facilitated the automation of activities within the fabrication department, enabling quick and accurate location and consumption of slabs for ongoing projects and categorization of inventory based on color, shape, and size.


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