Data Consolidation Integrations With Viewpoint Vista

Our client, a large concrete remix company based in Central Iowa with numerous locations across the greater Midwest, faced challenges in generating and maintaining reports from their Viewpoint Vista database. The existing reporting process was time-consuming, costly, and increasingly difficult to manage. To address these issues and streamline their reporting and data management, they turned to Nobious for a solution. Nobious developed a centralized data reporting warehouse that consolidates Viewpoint Vista data into a separate database on a nightly basis. This warehouse optimized the data for reporting and other business intelligence needs. In addition, Nobious introduced Microsoft Power BI solutions to enhance the company's report creation capabilities, making it easier to generate reports. The data within the warehouse was tailored for the company's dashboards and external system integrations, including third-party cloud providers. A comprehensive data dictionary was provided, empowering the company to understand its data and create reports independently when necessary. As a result, the company can now rapidly develop business intelligence processes and create comprehensive dashboarding tools. This has significantly improved the quality of data available to their management team, enhancing their decision-making processes. The implemented solution has not only made reporting more efficient but also transformed the company's overall data management and analysis capabilities, empowering them to make more informed and timely decisions.


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