A 50 year old agricultural product manufacturing company was in need of a better way to track the consumption of raw materials going into their manufacturing processes as well as the production of finished goods coming off of the line.  They wanted this process to be streamlined and managed primarily through the use of mobile handheld computers equipped with infrared barcode scanning capabilities.  Nothing on the market seemed to directly address their business needs without significant customization.  They partnered with Nobious for a custom built solution.  The Nobious team worked with their manufacturing team to fully understand their existing processes and then design a solution optimized for that process.  All aspects of manufacturing inventory tracking were considered, including recipes for the addition of ingredients, quality control features, scanning of inventory to a batch, lot management, scanning of new finished product to inventory, as well as metrics tracking and reporting.

The new system eliminates multiple paper-based processes for the production teams and provides visibility to the process throughout the company, as well as to their customers.

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