In December 2020 Nobious partnered with a Canadian Road Construction company to replace their existing employee work Time Tracking application which was provided by their Viewpoint Vista ERP vendor.  Their current solution was becoming very expensive and did not provide all the features they needed to use it effectively.  So they engaged Nobious to build them a custom in-house solution that more effectively meets their needs.  Their new system will integrate tightly with Viewpoint Vista and eliminate their ever increasing monthly licensing fees for time tracking.  Managers are excited for the opportunity to contribute to the creation of an approval process that works much better for them. The home office is excited to eliminate all the work arounds currently required to utilize the old system.  Soon they will have a solution, built just for then with a reliable partner to provide support only when needed.  No more limitations and missing features, no more increasing fees, no more compromises.


View the project videos here:

Time Tracking Video

Time Entry Approvals Video

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