Which Type of Scanner Should You Use?

At Nobious we specialize in smart barcoding options for inventory management in the construction and manufacturing industries.  Many of our clients come to us with no smart scanning capabilities, currently only using standard scanners or no scanners at all.  Smart scanners function similiar to a smartphone and are sometimes referred to as mobile computers with enhanced barcoding capabilities. Diving into this new capability can be overwhelming without the right partner to guide you.  As we develop solutions for our clients, we learn their business processes and goals, and help identify the best options for their needs.

Nobious has come to trust Zebra for our clients’ smart barcode scanning needs for their design, performance, durability, and ease of use. They offer a variety of dependable scanners that can be easily programmed with the necessary capabilities for our customers. Their mobile computers and handheld scanners offer on the go scanning. Mobile computers offer the familiarity of an android phone with HD displays and quick scanning.  Handheld scanners are a more industrial option for scanning large quantities quickly. Zebra also offers a great line of fixed scanners that can be used with a kiosk.

Some specialty models used by our customers for unique environments are:

Whatever you’re scanning needs, we’re confident Zebra has a scanner to get the job done.

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