Smart Barcoding and All Its Capabilities

Are you on the fence about upgrading your inventory management system?  Inventory management systems provide a greater return on investment than your average project. Some construction companies already make use of basic inventory management processes such as barcoding and scanning, however, often they’re using outdated approaches such as manual barcoding and terminal barcode scanners.  Manual barcoding refers to the need to print and apply a physical barcode label to every part or storage location.  A terminal barcode scanner can only read barcodes and cannot apply any logic to them, they just insert data onto the computer screen. Smart barcoding software is the solution for outdated inventory management.

Modern inventory management systems, like the solutions built by Nobious, can scan any label to identify a part, such as UPC or distributor codes.  Smart barcode scanners utilized by our customers act more like a mobile computer. They can hold tons of information and can perform their own actions, such as relocating items, consuming parts, adjusting quantities, and ordering parts.

Benefits of Smart Barcoding System:

  1. You can increase your efficiency and eliminate errors. 80-90% of all jobsite mistakes happen because of human error, not technology. Imagine how accurate your inventory counts could be with a more automated system in place.
  2. Smart barcoding also increases the ease of locating items within the warehouse. You can perform lookups on the computer, using a scanner or using any mobile phone or other device.
  3. Allow your authorized associates to order product on the spot when stock is getting low. It can be as easy as scanning the barcode adding the quantity and tapping ‘Submit Purchase Order’. This isn’t something that needs to be requested of others. Items can be ordered right when they’re needed by the person who needs it. Everything is tracked so you know who is submitting orders and why.
  4. Any device can serve as a smart scanner, including a professional infrared scanner, a portable computer, a tablet, or a smartphone.   We develop custom mobile scanning applications for our customers that can be installed on any iOS or Android device.
  5. Also, you can assign barcodes to more than just parts.  Assign them to job sites, job phases, clients, vendors, purchase orders, work orders, locations, employees and more! Eliminate manual entry, reduce drop-down menus, and get your team working more efficiently with a few quick scans.
  6. Additionally, with a Smart Barcoding System, you can track equipment use with the simple push of a button or pull of a trigger. Track who is using what, when, for how long and for which job or cost center. No more manual logs that can lead to inaccurate time tracking.  See our blog Have You Ever Barcoded a Backhoe for more information on barcoding equipment.

Let’s recap why you should have smart barcoding capabilities for your business. You’ll eliminate chances for error and get accurate numbers and results. You’ll streamline daily processes for your employees and eliminate monotonous tasks. Over time, you’ll save time and money.

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