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Welcome to the Nobious Nook.

At Nobious, we specialize in custom software solutions for mid-size companies. Our areas of expertise are in construction and manufacturing but we also build software for business areas such as inventory management, HR, and finance, that a variety of industries have benefited from. Here in the Nook we’ll bring you industry news, trends, tips and more. Our goal is to keep your business informed so you can keep your operations running smoothly. Thanks for stopping by!


Employee Retention and Filling the Hiring Gap

COVID has brought new challenges we had never faced before, and is lasting longer than anyone planned, which has turned to a new normal for us. If you are struggling to hire on new additions to the team, it could just be because of the climate. But, it also could be for different reasons too.


Field Time is Retiring... What Are Your Options?

Can you say you are 100% satisfied with the technology your business uses right now? In construction, businesses are being forced to dig in deeper if they are Field Time users. Why’s that? Because it’s retiring. Now’s the time to think about what your business needs when it comes to software.