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Employee Retention and Filling the Hiring Gap

We are all well aware of the labor shortage that the US is facing in today’s climate. COVID has brought new challenges that we had never faced before, and is lasting longer than anyone planned, which has turned to a new normal for us. If you are struggling to hire on new additions to the team, it could just be because of the climate. But, it also could be for different reasons too. Is your place of work attractive in comparison to other opportunities? How do you know? Let’s look inward and ask ourselves a few questions.  

I Google searched “employee retention” and the first results were ads for businesses that help create a retention process for you. After a scroll or two, I found the Google results for “5 Drivers of Employee Engagement and Retention”. Here they are: 

  1. Enable Fulfillment
  2. Provide Opportunities to Grow
  3. Empower Responsible Employees
  4. Facilitate Collaboration
  5. Support Success through Processes and Workflow

Does your business fulfill these basic desires for its’ employees? Think about how it does or doesn’t. Maybe the solution to this problem is as simple as a program that was created for this sole purpose. If you can’t afford to pay your employees double the typical wages as a good incentive to bring them in (who can do that anyways?), why not invest in who you’ve got now? This is exactly what one of our brilliant clients did for their employees. Our client wanted to implement an Employee Learning Management System, but all were expensive and lacking important capabilities. One big problem was that most systems were only able to track all internal or external learning well, but not both. Nobious was able to build a custom solution that tracked both internal and external learning, as well as career development actions, activities and milestones.  

 Employees have reported being more motivated to exceed performance expectations since they are able to see where they fall within their position and how they can increase chances of a promotion. This kind of employee tracking is an investment into your current and future talent, as well as your company. 

 On top of employee performance tracking, there are ways to make your employee’s day-to-day routines more enjoyable, and most importantly- easier. Another client wanted a standardized employee homepage where they could communicate important information to their employees in real-time. Nobious created a custom portal with an administrator console back end for H.R. The portal communicated each employee’s annual objectives, important tasks, birthday and corporate event announcements, and much more. Employees could also edit their own H.R. information directly from the portal at any time. 

 These simple add-ons may seem like too easy of an answer for overall employee satisfaction, but these are areas that are important to employees. Ease of navigating around systems they use every day, clear goals that let them know exactly what they need to improve on to get that raise, and access to information that they can get themselves are basic standards that every employee should have and increases overall employee morale.  

 Other options to consider to fill the employee hiring gaps are increasing process automation, RPA and accelerating your hiring process. Incorporating more automation (process or robotic) helps take the mundane, repetitive tasks off your employees. This allows them up to do more complicated tasks and also helps keep their jobs more stimulating and rewarding. 

 One final key piece to hiring talent is by optimizing your hiring process. Nobious has helped other companies increase the effectiveness of online job postings, as well as streamlining the onboarding process. Get your job posts noticed, impress employees from pre-hire to post-hire and keep them motivated for years to come! 

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