The Only IMS Software Built for Construction

Stop Wasting Time on Manual Data Entry. Focus on What Matters.

The construction industry doesn't often operate from behind a desk. Paperwork and endless data entry slow you down. Nobious Business Automation offers a smarter solution.

Real-time tracking of everything about your job materials including locations, quantities and use.

Keep tighter inventory counts and easily reassign materials to another job.

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Inventory Chaos? We've Got the Cure.

Optimize, automate, and accelerate your construction success.

Lost Tools & Wasted Materials:

Are misplaced tools and inaccurate inventory counts eating into your budget?

Project Delays & Cost Overruns:

Do stockouts and inefficient inventory management lead to project delays and blown budgets?

Limited Visibility & Blind Spots:

Feeling blindsided by inventory issues and struggling to make informed decisions due to a lack of real-time data?

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Instant connectivity between mobile and office devices

Parts & Materials Management Built for Construction

Nobious integrates directly with your ERP and takes your system to the next level of automation capabilities

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Data in Motion. Insights in Real-Time.

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Minimize Manual Input:

Nobious solutions leverage barcode scanning, mobile apps, and clever logic to automate data collection, saving you and your crews valuable time.

Customizable, Not Generic:

We believe in "one size fits one." Our automation solutions act as a foundation to build upon, ensuring they perfectly match your unique needs.

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Empowering, Not Replacing:

Nobious empowers your crews to focus on what matters – building excellence. Our solutions become finely crafted enablers, not a replacement for your skilled workforce.

How Nobious Can Help Your Construction Business:

Ready to ditch the paperwork and build smarter?


What Our Clients Say


"Our internal processes were filled with manual entry and paperwork. The new Nobious system now allows us to track everything we need using barcode scanners and automated processes. We can take pictures of our marble slabs, scan vendor barcodes directly into the system and charge items directly to a job. And everything is integrated in real time. We couldn’t be happier with the integration.  There was plenty of communication and we felt they spent a lot of time to understand our processes."

Ronnie Simone

CEO, Western Tile

Build Faster, Smarter: Talk With a Nobious Expert

Nobious empowers construction firms with real-time data on tools and materials, boosting efficiency and profitability. We'd love to hear from you and discuss how our software can save your company 15-30% on inventory costs.

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