The Benefits of a Global Technology Team

The Benefits of a Global Technology Team

The Benefits of a Global Technology Team

As it is often said, businesses are made up of people.  People perform activities within those businesses and it is those activities that produce the product or service for which the business is compensated.  This, of course, is a very basic concept.  However all too often leaders within the business forget this idea or simply set it aside temporarily to consider other solutions to their productivity problems…maybe you’ve heard of some of them:

  • We need to improve our project methodologies to be more efficient.
  • Get someone in here right away, we need them to start yesterday!
  • The new open cubical arrangement will help improve communication.
  • We should meet every week to touch base.

These scenarios are simply common band aids to a common fundamental problem:

If project teams are not working efficiently it’s usually because you don’t have the right people.”

The most successful organizations today are not those with the best project delivery methodology or cubical arrangement, or the one with the most effective meetings.  Today’s successful companies hire the best people…period.  And they hurry to do this before everyone else.


How do they do it?

Some companies have fancy campuses with free lunches and self-driving cars.  That’s one way to do it.  Others simply pay more.  That’s another possible way; although this doesn’t necessarily guarantee you’ll get the best talent.  For most of us, the best way to have access to better resources is to widen your talent pool.

Consider this analogy.  Amateur sports teams are often organized into divisions.  Larger schools are required to compete against each other because they have a larger talent pool to choose from, which results in more talent and therefore a better team.

However, there is no such rule in business.  Companies with large talent pools compete against small talent pools all the time…and they typically win.  It’s not a fair fight and they’re happy to be in it.  But from your perspective, if your company is utilizing only a small local talent pool and competing against large talent pools or free lunches and self-driving cars; you’re not too happy about it.



Why not open your company to global resources and instantly increase your talent pool by millions of potential high-quality team members?  Yes, there are trade-offs of course.  Your existing team will need to become comfortable working with a remote resources.  Meetings will be a little different and hours may vary.  However continuing to recruit from a non-existent local resource pool or paying hundreds of dollars per hour and exorbitant travel costs for high end consultants is not the way to increase the bottom line.

Forward thinking companies have learned to effectively collaborate with diverse, globally sourced teams by recruiting from everywhere in the world.



Global teams provide a wide array of potential benefits including:

  • Greater opportunities for more experienced talent
  • Decreased overhead costs
  • Lower hourly rates
  • 16 or even 24-hour work days
  • Greater diversity of ideas
  • Opportunities to make connections and identify opportunities in other regions


How to get started

Let Nobious be your global talent partner.  We remove the challenges of hiring globally and bring top talent to you without the hassle.  Our resources and teams are identified to deliver the skills you need where you need it.  We manage your global resources to ensure they’re highly productive and exceeding expectations.

Getting started is easy, schedule a free consultation below.



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